We Produce Geosynthetic Products To Help Environment Be A Better Place


Nature, the source of all life our homeland a vital ingredient in building infrastructure, roads, bridges, ports, dams, and others.

Amazing structures a construction built on bad soil bearing capacity can cause landslides collapse and other disasters. To overcome the problems soil needs engineering to improve soil quality.

Geoguard is committed to taking our part in engineering and improving soil conditions to improve and increase soil bearing capacity so that development can always be achieved. I the past few years we have coveted our knowledge and our experience to face the soil bearing problems through our Geosynthetic products.

With our office and factory in Surabaya East Java, Geoguard is committed to providing the best support, effective and efficient in supporting nature-friendly development for a better future.

Through precise and accurate communication, each employee works together to produce extraordinary innovations. We unite the spirit of discipline and professionalism to realize our shared ideals. We apply high standards in various lines including in the factory area.



Sustain a better environment for a better place


Product Innovation

Build a solid and great team

Techological innovation

Hexagon represents

Unity • Communication • Continuous Relationship • Balance and Equity

Roll represents

Geoguard's product shape


  • Blue represents water
  • Black represents soil and also our geosynthetic products
  • White represents our clear solutions in environment technology