Drainage Cell

Drainage Cell

     Geoguard Drainage Cell have a flat back which is pressed againts an underground structure such as a basement wall or subsurface footing. The pressure of blackfilled soils holds the Drainage Cell in place. A filtration geotextile covers the drainage core.

     The Geotextile allows unrestricted flow of moisture into the core while it restricts the passing of soil particles which could contaminate and clog the core.

     Since most of the soil exposed surface of a subsurface structure is covered with the Drainage Cell, hydrostatic pressure is virtually eliminated. Drainage Cell are very lightweight, easy to handle and easy to install. The require no special equipment or skilled labor.


Geoguard Drainage Cell Application :

  1. Garden (Outdoor / Indoor)
  2. Roof top garden
  3. Field (Soccer, Golf)
  4. Vertical Garden