Compriband Expansion Joint Sealant

Compriband Expansion Joint Sealant

Compriband is a German technology, self-expanding sealant, produced by impregnating high-density open-cell polyurethane foam with water-based polymer-modified bitumen, making it permanently elastic. Compriband can be applied to iron, wood, concrete, and other materials that require tightness or density at high compression.

Weatherproof sealant which is elastic and permanent for all aspects of joint sealing in the building and construction industry, in particular for prefabricated and lightweight concrete elements, structures such as canals, floodgates, bridges, sewerage works, working concrete in water or underground, and supporting structures. Often used as the final seal where an integrated weatherproof sealing system is used in precast building elements. Contact us


Precast concrete
Compriband in precast concrete is used to fill the space between precast concrete connections where the Compriband has permanent flexible properties that hold or accommodate movement between substrates and keep water from entering.

The connection or separation in the building has a different structural system. Where the function of the dilated joint sealant is to prevent collisions or friction or cracks in buildings due to loads or vertical or horizontal forces. Compriband works to reduce vibration.

Vibration Pads
For this application, Compriband is used to stop vibrations caused by the movement of machines or objects. This is intended to isolate vibrations from the machinery. Compriband works to reduce vibration.

Metal Roof & Building Sealants
COMPRIBAND is an adhesive (sealant) that is applied to seal gaps in buildings from dust, air, water and keep moisture on roofs and buildings. Its elastic mechanical properties make COMPRIBAND ideal for use as a gap filler, fittings, or moving parts and also as a fast mechanical fastener. COMPRIBAND is suitable to be applied to iron, wood, concrete, and other materials that require tightness or density at high compression.

Filler & Panel Conture
COMPRIBAND can be used in all applications where the material is desired/needed to fill in the gaps and contours of the panels.
• Ridges, Peaks, Hips
• Valleys and gutters
• Gables
• Indoor and outdoor ends
• Doors and windows

Gasket Application
COMPRIBAND can be applied as a "gasket" flat-on-flat, where the material to be held or bonded at a high level of compression with fasteners such as clips, screws etc.
• Lap Seams
• Roof Penetrations, Skylights
• Ventilation and Louvers
• Base Angles
• HVAC / Utility Curbs

The Advantages

- Will did not come out (melt) from the expansion of the coupled gap
- Not easy to dry, does not shrink, hard, and does not break due to closed cells
- Has high compression or expansion and superior shear capability
- UV Stable, heat resistant, sound insulating, and waterproof
- It is elastic and can adjust contours to fill gaps
- Easy installation does not require special tools and skills

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