Geofoam made of EPS (Expanded-Polystyrene), is a material that is processed according to international technical test standards. Several technical test standards include ASTM D6817 for the compression strength category, while ASTM C578 for thermal performance.

Geofoam has been tested in several methods to increase soil strength, this light material mixed with soil will produce a mixed soil mass that has a lighter weight. Geofoam has a compressive strength at a strain of 1% or an elastic area of ​​5.0 t / m² to 10.3 t / m². The compressive strength of the Geofoam is 11.5 t / m² to 24.1 t / m².

Geofoam installation is relatively practical, it can be formed according to the placement area. This lightweight material can be moved anywhere easily, with or without heavy equipment. Geofoam size can be on-demand, Geofoam is placed in empty spaces vertically such as embankments without adding to the load on the subgrade.

By using Geofoam, it is very possible for the pile to work quickly. If the embankment used is ordinary soil, it needs to be compaction or compaction first.

This Geofoam has a size of 2.0 x 1.0 x 0.6 meters and doesn't need to be compressed anymore. Embankment work only needs to stack Geofoam according to working drawing design.

The work of installing Geofoam is not influenced by the weather because Geofoam does not absorb water and water will not affect changes in the compressive strength and flexural strength of the Geofoam. Geofoam can also function as a retaining wall, to withstand horizontal pressure loads. For more information, please contact us.