Geocomposite Geosynthetics

Geocomposite Geosynthetics

Geocomposite Geosynthetics

Geocomposite is one of the many types of geosynthetics consisting of a combination of two or more geosynthetic materials, including nonwoven polypropylene geotextiles woven using polyester yarn. So that it forms a unified geocomposite material, with a dual function, namely as a separator and reinforcement.

This geocomposite material is made with high-tech machines, so the resulting geocomposite has good quality. The advantages of using this geocomposite material, among others, are strong in terms of bearing the load because it has high tensile strength and has a low elongation rate. Can be used for aggregate separator and reinforcement at the same time, making it cost-efficient. These costs can be reduced as efficiently as possible because they can use local materials, and this geocomposite material is resistant to UV rays, chemicals, fungi, and microorganisms.


  • Construction works of slope reinforcement and wall systems for retaining soil
  • Backfill works for highways and construction for railroads
  • Bridge abutment work
  • Work on the construction of railways, airports, container storage areas
  • Reinforcement work for very soft embankment base, swamp, and peat
  • Works for landfill reinforcement, dam reinforcement
  • Bearing for foundation
  • Construction for landfills and landfills
  • Reclamation and breakwater
  • Dams and earth embankments

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